Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Thank You & Merry Christmas, The Veritas Family Way

Many Veritans know that I lost my Mom this year--barely a month before Christmas. Many students, teachers and parents know how close I am to her--like a sister, a BFF. I thank the Veritas family for seeing me through the roughest and toughest part of my life. All of you were my strength. Your words and thoughts of comfort and sympathy have given me even more reason to help build and nurture our Veritas family. Family is what Veritas is all about. We are a small school. We call each other by our first names. We work and play together--from volleyball with parents and teachers to facebook chats to robotics. We eat at McDonald's together, and when budgets allow it, sip Starbucks fraps together. We visit each other's homes. We can't even hide anything, with all those CCTV cameras around:) Most of all, we PRAY TOGETHER. That's what family is all about. So as we spend this Christmas/New Year season with our own families, we are sustained by that concept of togetherness--giving, loving, serving, praying. Monci Manny has composed some very beautiful and meaningful prayer services for Advent, Christmas, and Epiphany. We sent you those prayer booklets before the holiday break. We hope you've had time to pray them with your families, as we usher in the Church's Year of Faith. Again, from my family to yours--Thank you for being with us in our time of grief. Now, we thank you for being with us in celebration of Christ's birth, and in looking ahead to 2013. A Blessed Christmas and New Year to All!

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